The Forever Jaiden Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Corporation.

100% of all contributions benefit the siblings and families of children affected by cancer. 

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The Forever Jaiden Foundation, Inc.

**Spectacular Sibling Birthday Parties are awarded a minimum of once within the lifetime of the child.

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Spectacular Siblings

The Forever Jaiden Foundation, Inc. is pleased to offer the following services in appreciation of it's Spectacular Siblings:

Birthday Parties:

Each Brave Brother and Sensational Sister will receive an amazing birthday party! Choosing from a variety of themes tailored around their interests, Spectacular Siblings Birthday Parties creates cherished memories. Celebrating a birthday with family and friends is a therapeutic way to bond and enjoy quality time, aside from life's challenges.  **See Appendix below

Academic Tutoring:

Having a sister or brother with cancer can lead to stress and distraction. These feelings can penetrate into their instruction time at school. The Forever Jaiden Foundation, Inc. has a team of qualified professional instructors who tutor our Siblings bi-weekly in their subject areas that require improvement.

Academic Achievement Awards:

Spectacular Siblings work hard and we reward them! Siblings are encouraged to submit a subject and grade in which they'd like to improve. When goals are met or exceeded, they are rewarded like the champions they are! Awards are also given to Siblings who 'make the grade' by appearing on their school's Honor Rolls.

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