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The Forever Jaiden Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Corporation.

100% of all contributions benefit the siblings and families of children affected by cancer. 

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The Forever Jaiden Foundation, Inc.

Jaiden and Jana 

Fall 2012

Supporting Siblings

The Forever Jaiden Foundation, Inc. was the ingenious idea of it's namesake, Jaiden. Throughout her many chemotherapy treatments and hospitalizations, Jaiden felt that her little sister and best friend, Jana, deserved rewards for being sacrificially supportive, eagerly helpful and constantly loving. 


Jana never left Jaiden's side! She encouraged her big sister during tough & scary times by making her laugh, creating cheerful cards, and fostering a normalcy that all children need during adversity.

Jaiden thought that all brothers and sisters of children with cancer should be recognized for their "fight" too! Her first idea was to host birthday parties in honor and appreciation of the Spectacular Siblings. 

Forever Jaiden  strives to bring that wish to fruition, in addition to enriching activities for the immediate families of children affected by cancer.